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About Chef Jasper

Chef Jasper is a Canadian company in kitchen automation.

We operate robotic kitchens in senior residences

to provide a complete food service solution to our customers.


Our Vision

Make good food more accessible by enabling fresh and personalized cooking at minimal cost.

Our Story

Chef Jasper is a Canadian company in commercial kitchen automation backed by international venture capital and the government. Our intelligent robotic kitchens are the first that can prepare thousands of different recipes across cuisines to offer food for any taste, diet, and occasion and satisfy consumers every day and every mealtime. Thanks to our technology, a single human operator can serve hundreds of meals per day.

In 2021, we launched an ultra short distance food delivery service for residential high rises and have since served more than 10,000 meals cooked by robots. Customers ordered our meals 83% of the times that they were at home during lunch or dinner time!

We are now launching in senior living to eliminate labor and supply chain inefficiencies and drastically improve food quality. Senior residence operators pay a monthly fee per resident in exchange for a comprehensive food service solution. Our pricing is set to be roughly budget neutral, enabling operators to boost the quality of their offering at no extra cost. 

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