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Next Generation
Food Service 
for Senior Living

Are you a senior living operator?
We solve your problems.

We set you up for success.

Our Turnkey Food Service Offering

We provide a comprehensive food service solution and take care of the full process from ingredient ordering to plating.

Our service includes:

  • Our proprietary intelligent robotic kitchen

  • ​The staff required to operate and maintain it

  • Menus and recipes specifically adapted to your requirements (details below)

  • Software for meal ordering, inventory management, menu publishing, ticketing, and resident profiles

Our Unique Advantage


Our intelligent robotic kitchens enable an ideal collaboration between kitchen staff and modern automation technologies that makes work for our team more productive, safer, and enjoyable. This allows us to offer a service that is unbeatable in terms of costs, flexibility, consistency, and food quality.

Our Menu


We are pushing the limits of robotic cooking. No other technology can match our menu variety and quality. Chef Jasper can prepare anything from a simple vegetable soup to truffled polenta with steamed asparagus and filet mignon on red wine reduction. 

Menu variety: We can offer appropriate options for every resident's eating preference and prescribed diet.

Large range of budgets: We can meet tight budget requirements in public long term care or offer gourmet food for private independent living.

Various suppliers: We can work with different ingredient suppliers depending on customer needs. 

Texture modified diets:
 We can offer a large number of recipes in various textures that comply with the IDDSI standard.

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